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Top Ten Board Examination Preparation Tips & Tricks

  • Use Previous Year Papers: The student must be needed to use the previous Year Questions Papers and solve it. The Previous Year Question papers are helpful to understand the question paper and question in exam.
  • Solve Model Test Papers: Solve Model Test Paper is the best way to examine yourself and for best practice. It also increases speed and accuray.
  • Speed and Accuracy: The speed and Accuracy are the important part of Board examination, So you must improve the speed and accuracy by solving the various types of paper, like previous 10 years exam papers, Model Test Paper etc. You also give the Online Mock Test.
  • Thinking to Avoid: At preparation time you must have thinking to avoid. You must avoid to TV, Cell Phone, Bike, Car etc on preparation time.
  • Last day of Exam: In the last day to exam student can study by Short Notes and don't read any new topics.
  • Time before the exam: Never try to read anything just before the exam time. You close the books at like  one (1) hour before of exams and feel relaxed, cool and tension free.
  • During Exam Time: Before enter in examination hall you must checkout all things that required in exams (Like Pen, Pencil, Rubber, Sharper, Sketch Pens etc.)
  • Answer of Numerical Question: In numerical questions write the final answer separately in the nest like and mark this (Like Math, Physics, Accounts etc, subjects).
  • The Answer Sheet should be Neat & Clean: The answer sheet should be neat & clean. Because if the examiner not understands the answer of any question then, he/ she would reject to that question. And it makes good effect in examiner.
  • Check the answer Sheet: Check the answer sheet again before leave the examination hall Because if the Answer sheet not fill properly then it will be rejected.


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